Branding strategy. Identity design.

Comfort heat identity

Comfort heat is a design and manufacturing company of long–term, easily mounted electrical heating systems. We've created brand identity, which is based on the most important visual representations of the company: ocean blue colour and a simple logo. The identity contains logo, graphic element, cardboard product packaging, bags, set of icons, signage for guarantees and advantages, brochures with technical product parameters, illustrations on how to mount electricity wires, pads and visual photographs. 
We made the logo a little more prominent and placed it in front of the text: when the word heat is transferred to the next line, the logo uses the same space more effectively and is more noticeable. 
Blue is the main colour; it's richer and more noticeable. A curved line is used as part of identity; it replicates the shape of a heating cable. It has been used on cardboard packaging, bags, cars, in a set of pictograms and brochures. 

Art Director: Marius Bartkus
Designer: Jolanta Vasiliauskytė

Image photo shoot: 07/03/2008
Art Director: Marius Bartkus
Photographer: Aida Chlebinskaitė and assistants
MUA: Justina Gafarovaitė
Model woman: Brigita
Model man: Marius 
Models children: Justinas Zasčižinskas and the customers’ daughter (name unknown)

Image photo shoot 12/02/2012
Art d: Marius Bartkus, 
Photogrpher: Aida Chlebinskaitė and the assistants
MUA: Justina Gafarovaitė
Model woman: Gabrielė
Model man: Artūras
Models children: Ula Simelevičiūtė and the child of clients (name unknown)

Date: 2007–2013